Our Veterinary Technicians

The animal care staff at Country Care Veterinary Center consists of specially trained Licensed Veterinary Technicians.  Our LVT’s or Techs as we call them, are the backbone of the veterinary clinic.  It is impossible to put into words all of the things that our Technicians do for your pet while in our care but I’ll just a list of a few responsibilities they have: 

They hold, pet, feed, clean, trim and brush your pets.  They draw blood, place intravenous catheters, run lab work, look at poop and pee.  They take radiographs, help with ultrasound exams, and calm your pet during taxing procedures.  They prepare animals for surgeries, they run our anesthesia machines and monitor patients during surgical procedures.  They answer phones, they mop up drool and they even keep Dr. Tim on-task.  (mostly)  On top of all that, they’re moms, daughters, friends, athletes, musicians and engaged members of the community.

I couldn’t be more proud of our team of special agents.